Stained glass

All stained glass pieces contain lead solder unless otherwise specified. Finished pieces are absolutely safe to have on display however, please wash your hands after handling, keep away from children, and do not ingest.

I will provide a wall hook for each piece if applicable. Please do not use window suction cups as they are not reliable and glass will break! If you plan to display your piece in a window, please instead use the hooks provided in the window frame, a nail, or sometimes even your window locks/hardware will do!

Your stained glass piece is meant to last a long time when properly displayed and cared for. Some fading of patina over time is normal, the same way jewelry oxidizes. You can retain the shine/polish of your piece by gently cleaning with a soft cloth and glass polish. Please do not use Windex or other harsh chemicals on your stained glass as it can remove purposeful patina and/or permanently damage the piece.

If you have any questions or concerns, just shoot me an email over at